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Gail D, FL

I had one session by Corabelle’s. My experience was relaxing, and mysterious. The healing modality using crystals (with all of its accompanying vocabulary) is not a common go-to for healing in us in the US. Because of this, to get the most out of a session, those who are unfamiliar with using crystals might familiarize themselves prior to their first encounter. Like with exercising, and a healthy diet repeated sessions are likely best to see and feel the results.

Beverly L

My experience with Corabell’s Caring Hands was absolutely phenomenal, the session moved me from seeing obstacles to realizing opportunity. Once the “stuff” we allow to cloud destiny is removed, alignment, positivity, & clarity abound. We don’t always have to know when something is going to move in our favor but that it will. Allow & expect positive movement in every aspect of your life, even during times of trouble & distress.

Jessica L

I've now had 4 sessions with Corabelle and each one has been it's own experience. During my most recent session I was able to relax to the point of falling asleep, and immediately following I felt extremely grounded, yet empowered; as though I'd taken back control of my life. This sort of healing is still new to me, but Sacora's presence and enthusiasm about the work she does, allows me to be open to trying new things. I am intrigued and eager to learn more about the crystals side of things. But, being a lover of all things holistic and musical, this is right up my alley. ❤🧡💛💚💙👁💜👑

Chantrice B, NJ

Crystal healing with Sacora is a truly beautiful experience! She takes such great care in understanding your needs and preparing to work with you, and each session is just exactly what you need when you need it. Whether virtual or in person, her spirit and her work are felt and powerful. Thank you, Sacora!

Barbara D, VA

I had an hour-long therapy session with "Corabelle's Caring Hands" in the Spring / Fall 2022 . To be honest, I was very skeptical of the entire process and could not wait for the session to end so that I could prove my point. I could not believe how exhilarating and relaxed I felt at the conclusion of this session. The relaxed and calming ambience that was created by the therapist really set the tone for the entire session. I could actually feel positive energy pulsating through my entire body. I was also introduced to my Chakras in my body and their varied functions. I actually fell asleep once the various stones were placed strategically on my body to relieve stress and pain. Nothing compares to the life-altering results based this first and subsequent sessions. I think clearer as a result of each session - can wait for my next session...this thing is powerful, healing, and real!!!

Rena S, GA

If you're seeking alignment: look no further! I experienced two absolutely soothing and intuitive chakra balancing sessions with Cora!!. She was able to hone in on my energy and tell me what areas needed to be strengthened. In both my sessions she stayed aware of my needs and infused the right crystals to release any tension that I was carrying. I highly recommend booking a session or two with her!

Menelik V, FL

Definitely one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve now done several sessions and each time has helped me to clear and realize many things that were previously blocked. It’s definitely a unique experience and she caters to your specific needs as an individual rather than using a one size fits all method. 10 out of 10.

Chanti M, FL

First reiki experience was a success! Sacora is so welcoming, genuine and knowledgeable which made it very easy for me to relax and get what was needed out of the session! 10/10 :)

Christy C, FL

Hi Sacora! I wanted to thank you for the healing I received, I feel so much lighter! The tension in my neck, back and body are gone! I had no issues with me nerves in my legs and feet at bedtime, and usually I have issues of some sort in my legs and feet every night, so this was unexpected! It was so nice to be able to rest peacefully no issues, mind body and soul that night and last night! My whole body feels lighter, my mind and soul do too! I used the “ILY” affirmation 1st thing yesterday, on the the 5th one, I smiled and by the tenth, I laughed. I told myself to remember to myself to say I love you throughout the day and I am appreciated! Same thing I’m constantly telling my animals and my peoples. It made me giggle of & on all day! Thank you again, for everything, you were amazing and your presence was a joy I love that you lit up in a soft pink glow! Looking forward to our next session!-- Christy Cathey
We had an incredible group healing session with Sacora that included guided meditations, crystals and a sound bath. I highly recommend Sacora and look forward to booking another session with her!

Meg M, FL


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